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  • 2014-09-17 - Business Rules MA, Engine and Configuration
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17th September 2014, 21:00 UTC

Lync Meeting


Ryan Newington 



Business Rules MA

Ryan demonstrated his impressive Business Rules MA, which is a SQL-based framework for building all your data-transformation and data-generation rules in a codeless, GUI-based way. The solution includes unit testing, a declarative language for expressing the data transformations, and full referential data modelling. Delta syncs through the MA allow the data to be rapidly synchronised through to it's targets using the FIM Sync service.





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Multimedia File The FIM Team User Group September 2014.mp4 Sep 18, 2014 by cwapshere
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation UG Presentation.pptx Sep 18, 2014 by cwapshere
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation ACMA presentation to FIM user group.pptx Presentation Slides Sep 19, 2014 by cwapshere

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